What are the benefits to my organization by participating in this event?

Each year, organizations like yours take part in engaging initiatives for validation and valorization of the father’s role by Fatherhood events. In 2016, more than 70 partners participated in the Quebec Fatherhood Week / Semaine Québéciose de la Paternité, allowing for the presentation of 103 initiatives in 16 regions of Quebec. Here are some of the benefits to your organization when registering your initiative as part of this event:

  • Increased web exposure for your initiative and your organization in the programming broadcasts on the website of the Quebec Fatherhood Week / Semaine Québécoise de la Paternité;
  • Enhanced exposure for your initiative and your organization in the media kits and the reporting & evaluation of the event;
  • Prominent display your logo or your promotional material of your initiative in program documents;
  • Augmented visibility within media and funders;
  • Highlight the valuable contribution of fathers within your organization;
  • Specific application, within your organization, of principles of the animation kit designed on the theme of the Family-Work Balance for fathers;
  • Participation in a collective movement which goal has been of particular interest to the media in recent months;
  • The positioning of your organization to effectively reflect equality between women and men for the wellbeing of their children.

How to participate?

Your organization can join the Quebec Fatherhood Week / Semaine Québécoise de la Paternité initiatives relating to the theme of the campaign " For a winning family: Pass the Torch. Balancing family and work is a dad’s job too! ' or initiatives promoting father involvement in general. If you would like to register an initiative related to this theme, here are some suggestions:

  • Set-up an initiative related to the theme of the campaign; Family-Work Balance
  • Animate a workshop on the Family-Work Balance for fathers using the animation kit provided;
  • Organize a conference on Family-Work Balance for fathers;
  • Reach out to companies and work environments to propose joint activities;
  • Publish content related to the theme in social media and on the web.

You can also present an initiative that values fathers’ involvement in general. Here are some examples of initiatives presented in the context of the event, which we have grouped under 3 main categories: 1) Inviting fathers to action 2) Honoring fathers and 3) Meeting, discussing, and reflecting together with fathers.

1) Invite fathers to take action together with their children

  • Moving :

Outdoor activities (fishing, canoeing, camping, ziplining, tree climbing, archery, hiking, rock climbing, etc.), sports (street hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, martial arts, etc.), races and challenges (parent-child obstacle courses, etc.)

  • Building :

Soapbox cars, cardboard houses, home-made rockets, sand castle building, making foam weapons for play fighting, etc.

  • Discovering :

Father-child cooking workshops, bike mechanics, photography, electrical circuit fabrication, drawing, etc.

2) Honoring fathers

  • Invite children and father’s entourage to participate in a drawing contest, writing of a script or poem, a photo or testimony about the importance of their father or a significant father figure;
  • Invite fathers to talk about their work occupations to children or to talk about their paternity;
  • Organize a family celebration, a 5 to7 event, a barbeque for fathers and their supporters;
  • Present a video or broadcast radio capsules on fatherhood;
  • Offer an award or other recognition to involved fathers.

3) Meet, discuss and reflect with fathers

  • Organize a conference, a meeting, a film screening, an open-house day on a subject in-line with fatherhood
  • Offer prenatal visits specifically with fathers in mind.
  • Publish on the subject of fatherhood in the traditional media, on social media, on your website, in your blog, etc.
  • Distribute promotional material on the subject of fatherhood to families and to community workers
  • Meet with University or College students to discuss specific interventions regarding fathers and fatherhood
Semaine Québécoise de la Paternité Du 12 au 18 juin 2017