The 2018 campaign of the Quebec Fatherhood Week will be held under the theme Fathers: Fully Engaged Parents so as to recognize the role of Quebec fathers and to emphasize that they are truly… full-fledged parents!


Fathers of young children, most of whom are millennials, are more present for their children than were their own fathers and share more in domestic tasks with their partner. The young fathers of today change diapers, feed their children, see to their education and attend to their upbringing. As fully engaged parents, they should benefit from public policies and family services that adapt to this new reality.


Like in past years, this year’s campaign will start off with a media launch on June 11, 2018 and will present activities throughout Quebec recognizing the role of fathers. The activity A Father Who Measures Up (Un père à la hauteur) will be presented thanks to the partnership of Arbraska in at least four Quebec parks.


The facilitator guide is now available


This guide was prepared for organizations that wish to hold a discussion on the theme “Fathers: Fully Engaged Parents” during the 2018 Quebec Fatherhood Week. The discussion can include both fathers and future fathers.



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